PSV Chips

PSVita Mod ChipsInstalling PlayStation VITA Mod-Chip

Inserting PlayStation VITA modchips through your device is pretty easy yet it has some nasty aftereffects. One is that if you do decide to install some PS Vita modchips , your PSV would lose any protection from the manufacturers, meaning you will void your warranty. Another risk is that if you have no prior experience in modification and if you make the wrong move of inserting the wrong PSV modchips on the wrong port, your PlayStation VITA might not work properly. PSV modchips are designed to allow users to use a lower version of firmware in order for older games to run as well as to essentially change the BIOS settings of the device. Since BIOS is the mainframe of any kind of device, they are very essential and if they are damaged, users would not only need to remove the PS Vita modchips but also change the BIOS chipsets. Once the PSV modchips are installed, the BIOS startup module would run. The BIOS would then pick up on the new changes on the board and startup the device in order to accept the new changes.  After installing the PlayStation VITA modchips , the users would be able to enjoy various games, old version applications and some other features which were originally limited by Sony.

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